Product of Interest: The Best and Worst of Hair Removal Products

June 7, 2011 deargabbybeautyguru

With Summer comes nice sunny weather, beaches… and dreaded hair removal. I have compiled a list of the my favorite hair removal products and the ones that aren’t worth the money.

When it comes to summer I like to be hair-free for as long as possible however that is not always the best thing for our skin. Hair removal procedures, like waxing and shaving, help exfoliate and exfoliation leads to the reduction of cellulite. Who doesn’t love that in the summer?

Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer, around $13; available at drugstores: I love this because of the trimmer. It makes it easy to keep “everything in check” if you know what I mean. The razors are pricier then my go-to disposables but they do last. It may be a splurge on some budgets but if you got the extra cash it’s definitely worth the investment.

BIC Soleil Original for Women, around $4 for 4-count; available at drugstores: These are my absolute favorite razors. They are cheap, they last and they don’t “clog up” after two swipes. I get a close shave and best part is I toss them when they get dull. If you are not a disposable razor lover like myself then think of them for a vacation. The bright colors are adorable too!

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal Kit, around $11; available at drugstores: Hands down best was product I have ever used. Not only does it smell great but it’s easy to use and the kit comes with everything (wax pot, sticks, removal strips and after wax oil, hint: put the oil in the freezer while you wax so its cooling effect is doubled). I suggest keeping the wax at a creamy consistency, not too liquidly, because with this kit is it hard to tell the temperature and it’s the best way to avoid burns. I recommend this for the bikini area and underarms, it’s too time consuming for legs.

Here are a few items that I feel are so not worth the money:

Nair Hair Removal products, Veet Hair Removal products or other depilatory products like it: In any form I am not attracted to it. I have used it once or twice and I am not impressed. I “like” Nair for face because it’s less irritating to the skin (I use it on my upper lip, Gimmie a break – I’m Italian!). Other than that I don’t think these types of products work. They literally melt the hair away by using chemical and they claim to remove hair below the surface? Not likely. If you left it on long enough to “remove hair below the surface” then look forward to chemical burns.

Schick Intuition Plus (razor and shave bar in one): So not worth the price, even with a coupon. The “shave bar” melts in the shower and refills are a fortune. Venus came out with a version of this too, Venus Spa Breeze razors with moisture rich shave gel bar.  They are much smaller than this version and I am assuming easier to handle but again the steep price tag hardly seems worth it. Stick with a regular razor and…

Hair conditioner instead of shave gel: I buy cheapie Alberto VO5 brand conditioner (around $1 at the drugstore, the “white tea – tea therapy” scent is my favorite) and use it in place of shaving cream. I feel like shaving cream just clogs my razor and it such a waste of money. I multipurpose this conditioner by using it as a shave gel in the shower and as a leave-in conditioner when I’m hanging out by the pool. It’s such a light formula that I don’t recommend using it as a regular conditioner unless you have super fine hair.

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