Best Summer Facial Cleansers

June 2, 2011 deargabbybeautyguru

Here comes the heat and with my newly chopped full bangs I am in full-on grease mode. Here are a few facial cleanser recommendations to  battle the summer oil and sweat. I only exfoliate my face in the shower and limit it to once a week in the summer months. If you over exfoliate your skin produces more oil to keep itself hydrated leading to more breakouts. These cleansers strip the dirt, oil and makeup away without leaving my skin feeling tight and dry.

1. One Love Organics Easy Does It foaming cleanser, $29 for 8.8 oz, available at This cleansers claims it’s “soap-free” meaning no harsh detergents. It has a nice lather and an earthly scent. I love the fact it comes in a pump so I don’t waste it and it removes stubborn eye makeup easily however the steep price tag leaves this cleanser on my splurge list.

2. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, around $12 for 16 oz, available at local drugstores: This is a dermatologist recommended brand and I highly recommend it for acne prone skin. It is so gentle that you might feel like you didn’t wash you face – but you did, you just didn’t irritate it with something too harsh or too strong (think cleansers with benzol peroxide or salicylic acid). It’s  not my favorite for taking off makeup but it is so gentle on over stressed skin that it is a winner in my book.

3. Dove Beauty Cream Bar, around $8 for a 6-pack, available at local drugstore and grocery stores: Nothing is more gentle on dry and stressed skin than Dove. I’m not a huge fan of washing my face with bar soap but Dove really does the trick. It’s cheap, you can use it on your whole body and it’s ultra moisturizing without leaving skin greasy. In a pinch (or when I’ve gotten too much sun on my face, Yikes!) it’s my go-to product. The ultra rich cream base helps reduce skin peeling or dryness due to over exposure of sun and wind.u

Regardless of which face wash you use always – and I mean always –  follow it with a moisturizer containing SPF 30 or higher.

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