Product of interest: Zoya nail polish

January 19, 2011 deargabbybeautyguru

I was recently referred to add “Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments” to my facebook “like’s” to receive 3 free nail polish in the mail. After I paid the $7.95 shipping (not completely free but still a major deal!) I waited about 10 days to get my polish in the mail. Totally worth the wait! I have been an O.P.I nail polish girl my whole life… until now! Not only does Zoya nail polish come in about a million colors, it glides on effortlessly and lasts. The only way to buy their polish is through a salon or online however they always have deals/sales. Add them to your facebook, “Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments,” and pay attention to any promotions. If you’re too excited to wait then buy a bottle now, $7, and try it out. Scope out their Web site and watch the video on “Color Spoons.”

Zoya Nail Polish


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